Day 282 – Thankful for a New Family Tradition – Watching  Fireworks From the Pontoon

05 Jul

Today I’m thankful for a new family tradition… Watching fireworks from the pontoon.  

When we got our boat six years ago one of the rings we immediately wanted to do was watch the 4th of July fireworks on it while anchored on the Black River.  Due to schedules, the distance to the marina and a variety of other reasons we just never pulled the trigger on it.  This year we decided to do it.  Our slip is less than two and a half miles from our house.  I spent time getting the lights up to snuff this weekend.  We grabbed some drinks, some snacks, the boys, and our friends, Steve and Kathy and headed out.  We had a great time before the fireworks even started, shooting the bull and just enjoying some time with friends.  

The fireworks themselves were pretty awesome from our view.  Not only were we very close, but the wind was blowing the smoke right at us so we were able to get a never ending whiff of the fireworks.  As Steve and I talked about, it’s crazy to think that after almost 40 years of watching fireworks there are always new ones each year.

As we headed back we went through some of the most bizarre current ever as we were one of probably a hundred boats heading out at the same time.  

Lots of fun, definitely something that we will be sure to do every year!  It’s always fun to start some new traditions like this.


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