Day 280 – Thankful for a Boys’ Life Project

03 Jul
Day 280 – Thankful for a Boys’ Life Project

Today I’m thankful for a Boys’ Life project.

A week or so ago Dominic and Gavin got their most recent issue of Boys’ Life.  Dominic thought one of the projects looked pretty cool – a six foot tall run through sprinkler made from PVC.  

This seemed like one of those cool opportunities to have some cool dad / son time while teaching him some new handyman skills.  I also remembered how cool some of the projects were when I was a kid, so next thing you know we were on our way to Menards.

The project went very well…  Only three trips to Menards and one melt down.  While the trips to Menards showed him how easy it is to fix a mistake, the melt down helped me remind him of advice that I got from my dad.  If you get frustrated and mad during a project take a deep breath and walk away for a couple of minutes.  Once all was said and done the sprinkler was a success!

I’m glad that we took some time to make a pretty awesome Boys’ Life project.  Based on the smile on his face as he ran through it and shot me with a squirt gun I’m pretty sure he’d agree.



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