Day 278 – Thankful for Jim Valvano’s Speech

30 Jun

Today I’m thankful for Jim Valvano’s speech.

This speech was in my head this morning as I was driving to work when I realized that I had already done two of the three things he says we should do every single day before 7:45 this morning and sure enough, I found a spot for the third shortly thereafter.

Jim Valvano gave this speech as he was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 1993 Espy’s.  Less than two months later he passed away from the cancer he was battling.  Even though he was in unbelievably rough shape the night of the speech he was able to muster his strength and courage to share his incredible insight.  The insight that I’m assuming that you only truly understand when death is looming.  The advice and thought he shared have brought many happy days to my life and I’m very thankful for it.

If you’ve heard it before you already know how amazing it was and will want to click here to watch it again.  If you haven’t heard it before, prepare for one of the best investments of ten minutes you’ll make today by clicking here.

Here’s the direct YouTube link: 


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