Day 277 – Thankful for the Impact of This Blog on Living My Values

30 Jun

Today I am thankful for the impact of this blog on living my values.

Over the past nine months I’ve touched on this a bit, but this morning was a wonderful example of why this needed to be a post in of itself.  By being thankful every day I’m finding myself living to my values more than ever.  To be very clear, I’m not perfect and have made many mistakes – this isn’t a post about how awesome I may or may not think I am.  What I’m thankful for is that this blog makes me more aware of the present, my surroundings, and my actions.

I slept like crap last night.  A horrible nightmare raged on in my brain most of the night until it got so bad I decided to wake myself up from it (there’s a future thing I’m thankful for – the ability to exert some level of control over my dreams).  After a while I finally fell back asleep…  And was awakened by Becky seemingly the moment I finally drifted off.  She wanted to know if I wanted to go for a run.  It was 4:45.  I wanted to sleep so I said no.  She offered to do her sit ups first (her 3x per week 15+ minute ab session usually comes after her run) so I could get up and get ready.  I again said no.

Then in a split second my mind started racing.  “Dude, you always want more one on one time with your wife, here’s your chance.”  “Yo Tubby, trying to lose weight, right?  How’s this help you there?”  “Hey Slacker, you remember you just signed up for a half marathon and are hiking up Long’s Peak, right?”  And that’s when the voice in my head threw the haymaker…  “Hey Dumbass, you realize that this is an opportunity to do many of the things you love and appreciate?  Odds are there is going to be a contender for what you’re thankful for today.  GET UP!!!”

So I did…  And it was awesome.  

I appreciated Becky willing to sacrifice her routine for me.  I appreciated her running slower so we would stay together.  I appreciated the feel of the perfect cool running weather.  I appreciated the run towards the sunrise on the way home.  I appreciated the stiffness in my legs slowly loosening up as the first mile was run.  I appreciated Becky carrying the dog poop 💩.  I appreciated the feel of my heart rate going up and the sweat of exercise.  I appreciated taking action towards my goals.  I appreciated the sense of accomplishment.  I appreciated my grit.  I appreciated Becky’s motivation.  I appreciated being able to tell the boys I went for a run.  I appreciated the opportunity to share the story in hopes that it motivates someone to wake up early to fight for their goals, the same way that their posts do for me.  I appreciate the little voice in my head speaking up and getting me in gear.

All of these things to be thankful for spawned from my rigor to being thankful for something every day.  In finding my values in what I am thankful for each day I continue to look for more ways I see those values played out, by others and in my own actions.  In knowing that I need to watch for them I know must be present to see the opportunities.  I watch for ways to do something that will lead me to something I’m thankful for.  And so on… and so on…

Writing this blog has been an incredible tool for me to be present and appreciate my life, all while having a huge impact on helping me live more to my values.


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