Day 276 – Thankful for Opportunities to Stretch Dominic’s Math Brain

29 Jun

Today I’m thankful for opportunities to stretch Dominic’s math brain.

There’s a pretty cool opportunity that Dominic has been offered through the school district that is allowing him to jump ahead quite a ways in math.  For he enjoys it and wants to keep on this track he would be able to earn quite a bit of college credit while in high school.  Needless to say, as his dad I’m super proud of him and will support whatever path he takes, but that’s not what I’m thankful for today.

There are so many learning lessons for him in this situation, and not just the math.  He’ll be with kids 2+ years older than him and he’ll need to learn to deal with them.  He’ll likely have to work harder to understand the new concepts, they probably won’t come as quickly as before and he’ll have to push, fight, and struggle to be successful.  He’s learning about designing making, in even deciding whether or not to accelerate his math we talked about the concepts of knowing your timelines, focusing on best and worst case scenarios, and slicing the decision into smaller pieces as opposed to using an all or nothing approach.  The math will be great for him to learn, but I’m even more pumped for the life skills and grit that he’ll be getting along the way.

The big thing I’m thankful for is that he has this opportunity.  When I was in school I still remember how blessed I was to be in the QUEST program which helped push me and let me learn more at the pace I wanted.  Thinking that he has this type of option only way bigger is fantastic!  This is one of the reasons we love living in this area.  It’s just small enough to still feel like a small town (we can’t go anywhere without seeing people we know) and yet it is big enough to have all of the opportunities we could want for our boys (like this math class).  


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