Day 274 – Thankful for a New Bike and Future Adventures with My Best-est Buddy

26 Jun

Today I’m thankful for a new bike and future adventures with my best-est buddy.

While Becky and I were at Walmart for some household stuff we accidentally meandered towards the toy section.  As I saw the bikes it just seemed right to take a look to see if thy had any small ones with gears.  Seeing as we’ve been biking a few mornings each week I decided it’d be worth the investment to get him a better bike so we could go on longer and longer rides together in the morning.  Having gears will make it possible for he two of us to go much further in the same amount of time.  So next thing we know we have a bike loaded in our cart to take home to surprise the little bugger with.

Today I’m thankful for his new bike and our new adventures for several reasons.  I’m thankful that we can afford to splurge for something like this without much hesitation.  I’m thankful that he loves exercise and that this helps support that passion.  Seeing as Gavin’s received a lot of hand me downs it’s nice to get him something that is just his.  I love that this will encourage him to keep going on early morning bike rides with me and that means ongoing one on one time with him.  His huge smile, no matter just how toothless it currently may be, when he saw it and rode it for the first time was awesome to see.  I’m thankful that this bike will help make sure my best-est buddy and I keep making some pretty cool memories.


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