Day 272 – Thankful for Two Epic Customer Service Experiences

25 Jun

Today I am thankful for two epic customer service experiences.

I’ve had two pretty awesome customer service experiences that have been pretty amazing over the past couple of days.  There’s a lot of excellent customer service out there, but these two really stuck out for me.  They were so good that they’ve been stuck in my head all day and I’ve been trying to figure out how to emulate them in my business.

The first one was yesterday at Kwik Trip.


I stopped in for gas and decided to get a refill of Karuba Gold coffee.  When I had filled my mug I turned toward the line and groaned.  There were approximately 6 people in front of me in line and only one cashier.  In her defense there was no one in line when I walked in, but all of us in the store decided to check out at the same time.  Initially I felt sorry for her and was dreading how long I was going to wait.  Typically Kwik Trip is awesome at opening up other registers, but I didn’t see anyone else nearby.  Then the coolest thing happened…  April, the lone cashier (and as I found out later, the Team Leader) smiled even bigger and started running two registers at once.  She was in a great mood and bounced back and forth between conversations.  It was amazing, no one felt as if she were not paying enough attention to them and she cut through the line like a hot knife through butter.  In less than 2 minutes she was getting me squared up with my coffee.  I mentioned how impressed I was with her efficiency and attitude, and she smiled a little bit bigger (if that was possible?) and told me “it’s not my first rodeo.”  A little more quick conversation and then she was on to the next person.  Here she could have been frustrated, overwhelmed, apathetic, or just melted under pressure, but instead she seemed to thrive on it.  It was like watching a master at work in their craft.  It was so good that I went out of my way to go out for my cup of coffee again this morning, and sure enough there she was with a smile and helping people out.  I love seeing awesome customer service focused people like that, what an inspiration for the day!

My other awesome customer experience was with Best Buy.



All three people who helped me out were great, but what really stuck out was the speed of problem resolution.  I dropped something on my iPhone and shattered the screen.  Around 5:15pm last night I was at Best Buy utilizing the Geek Squad protection plan I had, and this morning at 11:15am I had a brand new iPhone in my hands!  Holy crap!  In about 18 hours a phone went from California to Minneapolis to Winona and in my hands.  How awesome is that?  Problem with something that you use constantly?  No worries, we’ll have you covered in less than 24 hours.  They totally blew away my expectations and I greatly appreciate it.

In both cases the person or organization completely exceeded my expectations.  So much so that they’ve helped me raise my own expectations of the level of customer service I should provide.  I am very thankful for both of these awesome customer service experiences!


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