Day 269 – Thankful for Rules That Don’t Apply When Becky Isn’t Home

21 Jun

Today I’m thankful for rules that don’t apply when Becky isn’t home.

Everyone would agree that our house is happier and a better place when Becky’s home.  That being said, when mom’s away the boys (including dad) will play!  That has already been the case for Gavin and I while Becky is out of town for work.

Here are some of the rules that no longer apply when Becky’s not home:

1) Standard parking in the garage – no Becky means more space for me to use in the garage.

2) Desserts in moderation – nothing says Becky’s not home like a monster sized dessert (half a cherry pie).

3) Standard bed times – 9-ish has got to be pretty close to 8, right?

4) Normal breakfast foods only – or maybe leftover cherry pie?  It has fruit, right?  What better way to wash it down is there than Mountain Dew before 6:45am?

So while we are more healthy and happier when Becky’s home I appreciate these short periods of time when normal rules don’t apply.  Some my favorites memories of each of my parents came from times when it was just one of them with us.  I’m happy to occasionally have the opportunity to make some of those memories with the boys.  That being said, I can’t wait for Becky to get home and go back to our normal and fun rules.


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