Day 267 – Thankful for My Dad

19 Jun

Well hello Captain Obvious!  Today I’m thankful for my dad.  

Yeah, inspiration for ideas don’t get much more spoon fed than this one do they?  Yet, that being said, this is another example of why I do this blog.  Of course I appreciate my dad, he’s pretty awesome.  Even when he’s being a butthead it’s usually for my own good (but sometimes it’s just to be a butthead 😂).  While I almost always appreciate my dad, today’s post gives me a reason to dig deeper into why I am thankful for him.

One of the biggest reasons I appreciate my dad is highlighted in the Jim Valvano quote above (Jim, I promise, there will be a blog about your amazing ESPY’s speech sometime soon).  He was present in my childhood and he’s always believed in me.  Those are two pretty amazing gifts to be given by a father.

Just like every son there has ever been I’ve looked at my childhood and promised myself that I’d be a better dad than my own was.  I’d give my kids more time and attention.  I’d give my kids more of what I always wanted.  I’d be a more close to perfect dad than mine was.  As a kid my dad worked a lot.  Not just at his job, but building houses as a way to bring in additional income.  Many nights and weekends were spent framing, dry walling, and putting in trim.  At the time I wished he would have spent more of that time with my brother and I.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to realize that he probably felt the same way that I did as a kid and was trying to be a better dad too, and this was his way of doing.  Extra work meant extra cash, extra cash meant more for him and his family, more than he had growing up.  Along the way he was trying to show Nick and I what it meant to have a strong work ethic, to have grit.  His thought process was similar to what mine is, he was using the tools and experiences he had to accomplish the same goal.

As I continue to get older I’m already seeing the ways that I’m sure my boys will see as room for improvement when they’re dads.  Maybe it’s less time at work (even though I work long hours to provide the income to fuel our dreams).  Maybe it’s less screen time at home (even though blogging like this helps me be more present, appreciate them more, share my values with them, and be a better dad).  Maybe it’s that they’ll let their kids do everything they want all the time (even though we go out of our way to let them experience as much as possible but wrestle with how much is too much and takes away from their time to just be kids).  Maybe it’s that they’ll want a bigger and nicer house (which Becky and I would also like but we want to make sure we have enough cash to go on vacations, enjoy life experiences, and be able to pay for any activities the boys want to be involved in).  For all know it could be anything along those lines.  The one thing that I am quite positive that it will not be is that I believe in them, the same way I always knew, deep down, that my dad always believed in me.  Which brings me to the second part of today’s blog…

The second biggest reason I am thankful for my dad today is that he always believes in me. Always has, always will.  At no point in my life have I ever had to worry about whether or not he had my back.  I know that between him and my mom I always have two incredibly supportive parents, role models, and friends.  As I get to hear the life stories of more and more people I understand that this isn’t something everyone has and I am very thankful that I do.  At one particularly rough time in my life while I was in college I received a very heartfelt letter from my dad that I still have save to this day.  The gist of it was a reminder of his love, support, and trust in all I do.  He believes in me and is proud of who I am.  Whenever I’m in need of an attitude adjustment this letter is usually a great place to start.  Knowing that he believes in me allows me to take risks and chance failure because he’ll still believe in me if I fail.  Knowing that he believes in me also makes me more aware of my values and makes me think twice before doing anything that would possibly jeopardize his belief in me.  What a gift!

As I started with, I am always thankful for my dad.  He’s one of my best friends and talking with him always puts a huge smile on my face and in my heart.  Today I am thankful that he is in my life (& always has been). and for his belief in me. Thanks Dad for helping to mold me into who I’ve become and who I’m trying to help my boys become.  Love you Dad!


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