Day 265 – Thankful for an Awesome Start to the Day

17 Jun

Today I am thankful for an awesome start to the day.

The alarm went off a little before 5am and I almost hit the snooze button.  Instead I got up, lightly shook Gavin and asked him if he still wanted to get up and go for an early morning bike ride.  He popped right out of bed without a moment’s hesitation and we were off!  There’s nothing quite like having someone fired up and in a good mood first thing in the morning to get you going, is there?


Instead of doing our normal bike ride he decided that he wanted to go to the school and have some fun at the playground.  Once we got there we spent some time doing pull ups, push ups, going on the monkey bars and a whole bunch of other fun exercises we could do on the equipment they have there.  We also found a pretty awesome dragonfly with wings that you could see right through.  After the dragonfly we moved on to climbing all over on the jungle gym and Gavin had fun jumping off.

After playing a while we headed back home and had a pretty epic race to see who would be the first to see and call the light green slugbug that is on the street before ours (thankfully for Gavin it wasn’t there…  Dad passed him at the last minute).

After I got home I grabbed my phone and bluetooth speaker and for some reason decided to jam out in the shower to some pretty old school tunes including:  Bus Stop by The Hollies, Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles, and Daydream Believer by The Monkees…  It brought back memories of driving home from my grandparents and listening to the music my parents loved back in the day (pretty sure it drove me nuts back then, but nostalgia got the best of me today!).  As a testament to my incredibly eclectic music interests I then switched gears to a different song stuck in my head…  California Love by 2Pac & Dre.  That was followed up by a live version of ‘Round Here by Counting Crows.  Pretty crazy mix, but it did the trick.

In between all of the music there was random attempts at dancing with a non-dancing, yet still smiling Becky.  There were also comments about an old bull moose, but you’d have to have been watching the National Geographic Channel’s National Park show on Arctic Gates last night…  It was fun, we were both in a very playful mood and life was good.

Even Dominic was in a great mood this morning!  We were giving each other a hard time and having fun as I dropped him and Gavin off at Summer Care.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome start to the day.  How could the rest of the day be anything but awesome after having some great family time before 7am?











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