Day 264 – Thankful for Great Practical Training (& Getting to See My Friend Joe)

16 Jun

Today I’m thankful for great practical training (& getting to see my friend Joe).

When the alarm went off early this morning it wasn’t for a run or a bike ride with Gavin, it was to head up to Minneapolis for a day of training.  

Joe & our HQ training team did a great job of putting this training together to help us find ways to improve our service to our clients.  While some trainings focus more on big picture concepts this one was an excellent example of practical training that can be applied immediately.  It comes with specific next steps that are put into bite sized chunks with a realistic timeline to roll it out.  Within 90 days we should be able to provide some pretty cool value adds for our clients.

While last week my brain was full with a lot of leadership and big picture ideas there was something awesome about a down and dirty practical training like this.  It reminds me of the home improvement projects I take on to keep my skills sharp and to see immediate progress.  The sense of completion these can lead to is very gratifying, and knowing that it will help our clients and associates makes it all the more excellent.


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