Day 261 – Thankful for an Awesome Weekend With Kris & Justin

14 Jun
Day 261 – Thankful for an Awesome Weekend With Kris & Justin

Today I am thankful for an awesome weekend with Kris & Justin.

Becky usually gets together with her friend Kris a few times each year for girls’ weekends.  When they come here I get to see Kris and when they go to Kris’ house Becky gets to see Justin, but over the past decade Justin and I have only gotten to hang out a couple of times.    This was the first time that the boys and I headed out towards Mankato in quite a while and Justin and I were both pretty pumped!  The texting started by Tuesday and didn’t stop until we were on the road on Friday night.

It was a very relaxing weekend filled with time chilling out, shooting the bull, and letting the boys run wild.  We spent almost all of Saturday on the boat and got a ton of sun.  After going out for pizza we headed back, played some games, had a few beers and all realized we were getting old at about the same time.  More chilling, food and talking on Sunday before we hit the road.

The weekend was a blast!  I’m very thankful that Becky was okay going with a family trip instead of just a girls trip as it was great to hang out with Justin again.  

While I’m pretty sure exhaustion might have gotten the best of me yesterday afternoon it was still well worth it.  Thanks again to Bekcy and Kris for sharing their girls weekend with Justin and I!!!


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