Day 260 – Thankful for a Day When I’m In a Bad Mood

13 Jun

Today I’m thankful for a day when I’m in a bad mood.  Seriously, I’m not insane.  I’m actually thankful for a day when I’m in a bad mood.  Let’s be very clear, I don’t want every day to be like this, but I am thankful for a day like this once in a great while.

First things first, we had an awesome weekend with our friends.  It was so awesome that all of us left completely exhausted from all of the fun.  While I was driving away I was already scripting out what I was thankful for today, a weekend with our friends.  

Then something happened as we drove through Rochester my mood changed.  I was tired, wore out and kind of frustrated as I thought about how much stuff I had to get done for the day and how little time I had to do it.  From there I just got kind of irritated and everything further bothered me.

I went to the grocery store with my headphones on thinking I’d relax a bit.  Usually this late on a Sunday afternoon the store is pretty quiet and relaxing.  Instead it was an absolute madhouse!  People everywhere, I switched from some nice relaxing tunes to DMX’s “X Goin’ Give It To Ya” to match my angry mood as the aisle I needed to get to the middle of was blocked by about four carts on either side.  My mood going from bad to worse I just kept getting more and more frustrated.

Getting home was no help, I was cooking my lunch and breakfasts for the week and things weren’t going as well as I wanted.  Everyone in the house were driving me nuts, and knowing that I was being pissy for no reason other than being in a pissy mood only further enraged me.  I couldn’t believe how much I was irritating myself!

I went back to the grocery store to pick up something for supper (my frustration caused me to not pick up what we were going to grill for supper).  After walking through the store with head phones on and then getting incredibly frustrated at the cash register and the cashier that made me feel dumb I stormed back out to the car.  As I started the car I thought about what to write my blog about today.  At first I was going to default to hanging out with friends for the weekend, but it just didn’t feel right with my present mood. Then I half joked to myself that it’d be “Day 260 – Thankful for Not Frickin’ Thing.”  As that thought made me smile, I knew I was on to something…

Many people seem very surprised that I have bad days.  “But you’re always happy.”  “But your always thankful.”  “But you always seem to be in such a good mood.”  I always laugh and make a comment about how they have no idea.  Here’s the deal, I usually am in a very good mood and happy, but not all the time.

Days like today remind me why I try to stay focused on the positive.  Days like today remind me that I can choose my attitude.  While at some point today I chose poorly and hen continued to make bad decisions, it’s up to me to pull my head out of my ass.  Writing this blog (first in my head, and then on my phone) helps me re-focus on my attitude and choose the mood that I want, happiness.  The world around me is going to be the same regardless and it’s up to me to choose my attitude all the time.  Today has reminded me that I can.  

I’m now chilling on the couch with my family in a much better mood.


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