Day 259 – Thankful for Justin’s Awesome Sense of Community

11 Jun

Today I’m thankful for Justin’s awesome sense of community.

Hanging out with Kris and Justin has been a lot of fun already, and we’ve still got quite a bit of time together ahead of us.  Between hanging out, grilling, having some beers, and spending the better part of 6 hours on the boat having a blast we’ve had an excellent time!

What I’m most impressed with though is Justin’s sense of community.  When the storms came ripping through the Mankato area last night a large tree got knocked down in the yard of one of his fellow firefighters and took out part of his fence.  Without missing a beat Justin decided to go help out and cut & clean up the tree.  He and a few other firefighters all got together and we made some pretty quick work of the tree and branches.  I was very impressed, he had zero hesitation to help out and helped get things rolling right away in the morning.  Even though we were  going to head out on the boat early he knew it was more important to help his friend out first, and then go enjoy the sun.  

For me it was a pretty fun reminder of all the Saturdays that I spent with my dad cutting and stacking logs.  As a kid I was not a fan, but now looking back it was very relaxing and I enjoy every opportunity to do it.  

Thanks again to Justin for reminding me of how important it is to have a strong sense of community.


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