Day 258 – Thankful for My Brain Being Full

11 Jun

Today I am thankful for my brain being full.

Ahh…  One of my absolute favorite Far Side cartoons by Gary Larson:

That is how I’m currently feeling, but in a very good way.

The past three days of work have been a non-stop mix of new ideas, thoughts, and possibilities.  I had some excellent training and 1 on 1 time with my friend Beth Wolfe on Wednesday.  Thursday was spent shadowing and meeting the Express Franchisees of the Year and learning how they operate an insanely successful office.  Throw in one of the best training calls I’ve had in a long time and it’s been very eventful.  Oh yeah, I also just wrapped up an incredible book (Grit by Angela Duckworth) and am midway through another (Presence by Amy Cuddy).  Many, many, many ideas!

Back in the day I would’ve rushed to market with all of them, thrown off everyone on my teams, and become frustrated when they don’t all work out.  Thankfully I’ve had some great coaching from a mentor that once told me to sit on ideas for a while before immediately acting.  Think through them, scrutinize which make the most sense and start those after thoroughly considering them from many angles, and then figure out how to implement them.  The really great ideas may need to ferment in the brain for a while before they’re ready.  There was also a great reminder on the training call.  The franchisee explaining part of his process explained that it took approximately six months to determine the best way to operate the system and work out the bugs before he rolled it out.  I need to remember that level of patience.

Which brings me to why I’m thankful for my brain being full today.  I need to take a nice 36 hour break from thinking to allow everything to settle in.  Time was spent today typing all of my chicken scratch notes into a document full of ideas, best practices, and potential tasks so I won’t have to worry about forgetting anything.  I’ll let it settle in, think through the best next steps, and go from there.  My brain is full and it feels great!


PS This one is a close 2nd for me!

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