Day 257 – Thankful for Crowd Surfing

10 Jun

Today I am thankful for crowd surfing.

Another day of riding in the car with Lee for a couple of hours and another set of awesome memories coming back to the front of my brain.  If I start to run out of ideas of what I’m thankful for I’m pretty sure I just need to spend some time talking with Lee!

Do you know which of these events happened on Wednesday, August 9, 1995?

  1. Jerry Garcia died
  2. Waterfalls by TLC was midway into its 6th week on top of the Billboard
  3. Netscape’s IPO launched
  4. Mike went crowd surfing for the first and only two times of his life

You can research the first three, but trust me, Number 4 is true…  And it was AWESOME!!!  A bunch of us were at The Rave in Milwaukee to watch Sponge in concert shortly after their Rotting Piñata album.

If you’re not quite sure what crowd surfing is, maybe these will jog your memory (as sadly there is no footage of Sasquatch getting lifted):

Ahh…  Crowd surfing…  The memory brings a happy tear to my eye.

Seriously, it was an incredible experience.  Being lifted by several people and then held up and passed by a sea of hands as you float above the crowd and have an awesome view of the stage.  Totally lacking any control of where you go, your only options are to enjoy the ride or curl into a ball and get let down.  It was amazing!  

From the standpoint of the crowd it is kind of like the mindset of teamwork at the Tough Mudder.  You see a movement in the air above you and push up to keep the surfer moving and in the air.  There are so many people helping that you hardly notice the weight.  You can’t see their face but you know that you are helping experience something awesome and they are smiling from ear to ear.

While this old dude will never crowd surf again (probably not, but who knows!) at least I have the memories of crowd surfing to bring me a smile or two once in a while.


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