Day 255 – Thankful for My Friend Brenda

08 Jun

Today I am thankful for my friend Brenda.

We really don’t go back that far, but I know her well enough to be thankful that our paths continually cross.  When Dominic started with his new soccer team in the fall Brenda was the first parent that went out of her way to get to know me and get me involved and socializing with the other parents.  I was a little quiet and distant at first because I’m not really the most outgoing of people in groups of people I don’t know, so it was nice to have her help break the ice.

While Becky and I were on what is quickly becoming our normal Tuesday night yoga date, we ran into Brenda as she was leaving her session.  As always, she was smiling for ear to ear and was genuinely excited and happy to see us.  And that’s why I am thankful for Brenda today.  She is ALWAYS incredibly happy, positive, and full of energy.

Brenda is always helping out with different things, getting other people introduced to and involved with other people, and is always going 100+ mph.  She went from soccer on Friday night to soccer on Saturday to cooking dinner for the entire soccer team and their families on Saturday night, and then right back to soccer on Sunday.  The whole time she was smiling and making sure everyone else was having a good time…  and making sure that everyone had enough to eat…  and a cold drink…  and making sure the kids had enough sugar…

As I’ve gotten o know her between soccer games, at practices, or during the parent soccer game we had I am amazed at her positivity.  I’ve never heard her say a negative thing about anyone ever.  She always looks on the bright side, keeps a smile and seems to just enjoy life in a way that we should all be focused on doing.

Typing this makes me smile a bit because I still remember a conversation we had during the parent soccer game when I made a comment about being in a crap-tastic mood earlier in the day.  She looked stunned and asked, “Seriously, you’re not always in a great mood??”  It cracked me up!  Here, someone that I derive motivation and positivity from was utterly shocked that I wasn’t always in a good mood!  She’s a positivity role model for everyone!

So whether we just bump into each other or get engaged in a conversation with Brenda, Becky and I always know that we’ll walk away with a smile and feeling a little happier than we were before we talked with Brenda.  Deep down, I’m sure she has bad days, rough moments, and disappointments too, but instead of succumbing to them she chooses to put the huge smile on, stay positive, and enjoy life with high energy that brightens the lives of her friends and acquaintances.  I’m thankful that we get to run into her from time to time.



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