Day 254 – Thankful for Eating Supper as a Family

07 Jun

Today I am thankful for eating supper as a family.

As a kid I remember eating what seemed to be every single meal at our counter with my dad on the end and then oldest to youngest from left to right.  We’d talk about our day, shoot the bull, and have a great conversation together.  I’m sure it probably wasn’t every single day, but even when my mom had to work nights we’d still have the three of us guys eating Hamburger Helper, venison steak or side pork sitting at the counter.  It was just what we did and I didn’t really appreciate it at the time.

How easy is it to take something like this for granted? At least 5 days each week we eat a meal as a family, with the exceptions coming during the occasional soccer practice, Cub Scout meeting, or late day at work.  We get to spend time as a family talking about our day.  We get to take a brief daily respite from the non-stop activity and get to enjoy spending time together.

It’s pretty amazing to me how some many of our little rituals from growing up find their way into our adult lives.  I’m interested in seeing which ones the boys hold on to and pass on to their kids.  In the meantime I’ll continue to enjoy our little slice of peacefulness every day.


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