Day 251 – Thankful for an Awesome Start to the Day

03 Jun

Today I am thankful for an awesome start to the day.

Waking up early to get in some pre-work family time, exercise, and sight seeing is pretty awesome when I take the time to pull it off.  While it may mean a slightly early bed time or waking up long before five bells, it is almost always worth it.  This morning was no exception.

Fighting the urge to turn off the alarm before it even went off, I rolled out of bed and got woke up Gavin.  Becky needed no assistance whatsoever in getting up, and she was her normal giddy and bright eyed self.  We got dressed and headed out for the water.  (For those of you wondering about Dominic, he slept over at a friend’s house last night so it was just the three of us)

Once we got on the water we quickly remembered the frustrations we have with our double kayak (also known as a “divorce kayak”), and we also realized just how much Gavin has grown since the three of us last piled into the boat.  Jam packed into the little boat that can’t go straight we headed towards the sunrise…  and then in a circle away from the sunrise…  and then towards the sunrise…  and then in a circle away from the sunrise…  and the towards the sunrise.

As we paddled around we heard many birds, saw a deer on shore, and in general had a pretty relaxing time.  

This morning was also a great reminder to me of many things:

  • Attitude is everything!  We could have spent the whole time frustrated by the kayak’s performance and our inability to keep it on a straight path, but instead chose to relax and enjoy the calm morning.
  • Play is so important in our relationship!  Right from the start of the morning Becky and I were giving each other a hard time and joking around and that made the morning so much more fun.
  • Skip the snooze button for more family time.  Sometimes we have so much going on it is tough to get enough family time, but if I am creative I can find more ways to have it, like skipping a little extra sleep.
  • It’s incredible how peaceful the world is before sunrise, even when I’m with Gavin in a kayak.
  • Becky’s ability to help me chill when I’m stressed is awesome.   While I started to get frustrated this morning she was able to calm me right back down.
  • With fun like this before work, I’m excited and ready to kick some ass and take some names at work today!  I feel more awake and ready to be very productive.

And that’s why I’m thankful for an awesome start to the day.  Not only did we have an awesome family experience, but it also helped get my mind and attitude right to make it an awesome rest of the day.  Heck, I even got my blog done early today! 😉


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