Day 249 – Thankful for The Two Older Guys Who Walk Almost Every Single Day on French Island

02 Jun

Today I’m thankful for the two older guys who walk almost every single day on French Island.

There are two guys I run into occasionally that are inspirations to me.  Every time I see them I can’t help but smile and take a personal inventory on what I plan on accomplishing or have accomplished for the day.

One of them is usually walking on Lakeshore in the morning pushing a walker.  On the walker is always an inspirational religious quote.  He smiles from ear to ear as I say good morning to him as our paths cross.

The other is walking with his trekking poles and wearing his reflective vest while walking in the early evening on Fanta Reed.  He is always walking at a very fast pace with a determined and focused look on his face.  Ind night when I drove past him I pulled over and thanked him for inspiring me to get out for a run when I didn’t necessarily feel like it.

I’m very thankful for each of these walkers.  They are out almost every day and in all kinds of weather.  You can tell they have grit and are determined to get their walk in.  When I see them I am inspired to go out for a late night run if I skipped my morning exercise.  On days like today when I’ve already exercised and then see then I smile because I’ve shown the same grit that they have.  They also remind me that exercise is a lifelong mindset, not just a short push towards a goal.


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