Day 247 – Thankful for a Great Time with the Boys and Their Friends (& Becky & My Mom)

30 May

Today I’m thankful for a great time with the boys and their friends.

It’s been a pretty cool day and change so far.  We picked up the Lyga boys yesterday afternoon and headed up to my mom’s.  

After playing some pool, eating ice cream and playing other games they “cooled down” by catching fireflies.  The boys stayed up maybe a little too late giggling in the tent in the backyard talking about the types of stuff boys talk about.  I finally had to threaten to sit outside and listen to them unless they went to sleep a littl after 11:30 last night.

In the morning we packed up and headed off to Valley Fair for a day of roller coasters, chaos  and junk food.  We’re still here, the boys are waiting in line for another roller coaster.

Seeing as it is probably going to be a little bit of a late night I thought I’d take a couple of minutes to type this up.  I’m also wondering if it’s better to write it now than after couple and a half hour car ride with four crazy exhausted monkeys.

It’s pretty awesome to make some memories like this, it brings back memories I have of going to Great America, Valley Fair, and Disney.  Kinda neat to help make some of those memories for our boys!


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