Day 246 – Thankful for Dominic’s Big Heart

29 May

Today I am thankful for Dominic’s big heart.

We’re only halfway through today and there’s already been a few things related to Dominic that I am thankful for.  I taught him how to mow the lawn today.  I’m thankful for the patience my parents’ must’ve had when they taught me to mow the lawn.  I’m thankful I didn’t get so frustrated that I finally just mowed myself.  I’m thankful that Dominic persevered and finished mowing the lawn.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to teach him again. 🙂

On the serious side, I’m very thankful for his big heart.  Yesterday while we were on the sandbar he found a caterpillar that he saw as a new pet.  After a good 15-30 minutes of having his new pet it somehow fell off of his hand and was washed away in the river.  After quite a bit of frantic searching he realized that it was gone.

It really bothered him that, in his mind, he killed his beloved caterpillar.  He was very sullen and stopped playing with the other boys.  He went off on his own and you could tell he was pretty tore up inside.  After a while he got started doing something.  What he was doing I could quite tell.

Once he was done he asked me to see what he had made.  He had made a cross out of sticks and long grass, a grave marker that said “RIP Caterpillar,” and some shiny shells as decoration.  It was easy to see that this was helping put his emotions at ease.  That was that, or so I thought.

This morning at church Dominic leaned over and whispered in my ear part way through the service.  “During the general intersessions I prayed for Mr. Caterpillar and I prayed that he was enjoying sitting on a branch in the sun in heaven.”  Talk about one of those moments when a dad gets a big cases of “the feels.”

I’m so very thankful that Dominic cares for everyone and and everything as much as he does.  He truly wants everyone to be happy and will do what he can to help them be happy if they aren’t.  

I’m also thankful that I have days like this when he both frustrates me and then amazes me.  Days like this remind me that I need to remember how much he cares and how big his heart is when I get frustrated with him and change what I do with my frustration.


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