Day 245 – Thankful for Not Skipping My Run

28 May

Today I’m thankful for not skipping my run.  

It was tempting today.  Maybe I can run later.  Maybe tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll do something else instead.  Maybe…

Maybe I should get off my lazy ass and run!  For extra motivation I asked the boys if they wanted to go with and they were in for biking along with me.  With them on their bikes I had the last little motivation I needed to get moving.  I’m thankful that I got moving, we had an awesome time!

First, we ran by Becky and the dogs and she pointed out the ginormous (pronounced ji’ nor mus) cargo jet at the airport.  Turns out that one of the largest cargo jets in the world was loading up a huge cooling unit made in La Crosse to Asia.  We had to get a closer look so we took a detour to see it better.  While we were there Dominic decided he wanted a selfie of the three of us and the jet.

After that we kept going down the road and found some awesomely huge puddles to ride through (& maybe run through too!).

Freshly soaked we went to the end of the road and turned around and found this little guy, who was pretty nice:

And this big angry one that reminded me how fast snapping turtles can spin around and bite!

As we were in the home stretch we heard the engines of the jet roar and were able to get this pretty gnarly view of the ginormous jet taking off before it went over our house.

As we got home I had a huge smile on my face and I felt great!  Not only did I get a run in, but I also had a ton of fun with my boys.  And to think I almost skipped all of this by being lazy and not going on my run.  


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