Day 243 – Thankful for My Friend Kathy

27 May

Today I am thankful for my friend Kathy.

In case you didn’t know, Kathy is my “Sister from Another Mister.”  As two people who’ve been blessed with awesomeness on top of their heads Kathy and I hit it off from the start when Steve introduced me to his new girlfriend.

There are so many reasons I’m thankful for Kathy.  

  1. She keeps my friend Steve happy.  
  2. She keeps all of his friends happy.  Whenever there’s a fantasy football draft to be held, a poker league that needs a basement, or a group of semi-drunken Oktoberfesters need a place to play Cards Against Humanity, Kathy is there with bells on offering up her home and always makes sure we are well fed.
  3. Speaking of food…  Have you had her chocolate chip cookies or red velvet anything?  AWESOME!
  4. I lovingly refer to my hair as “the ruins of a once great civilization,” and even though I don’t give her much to work with, she gives a pretty fantastic haircut.
  5. While she always fakes being disgusted at my totally inappropriate behavior she is always the first to poke the bear and prods and coerces me into more and more inappropriate behavior.
  6. She’s always in a good mood and can cheer her friends up with her humor and energy.
  7. She is an awesome friend to Becky.  Wine trips, wine tastings and other various girl outings start with an idea from Kathy and Becky always comes home in a great mood.
  8. Kathy is totally genuine, what you see is what you get.  You never have to question her honesty or motives, she is who she is and shares exactly what she is thinking.
  9. She is willing to help out with anything, anytime.  Whenever a form asks for a non-parent number in case of an emergency her’s will be the one written down.

Of all the things I appreciate most about Kathy, the one that sticks out the most is how much she cares about her friends.  She has a heart of gold and is an incredible friend.  

While I don’t always say it because I’m too busy trying to gross her out with a totally inappropriate joke or gesture, I always appreciate her friendship!


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