Day 238 – Thankful for the First Day of Summer

22 May

Today I’m thankful for the first day of summer.

Yeah, yeah, it’s probably not technically summer yet, but I don’t care.  Today it feels like the start of summer…  And that is awesome!!!

After a morning of cleaning and soccer we headed out to pick up our boat.  While we weren’t able to get it in the water yet (that’ll be tomorrow) it felt great to have the pontoon in our driveway again.  

Even before it hit the water the boat also rang in another reminder of the start of summer… The inaugural run to Farm & Fleet to dump more cash into the money pit known as Serenity NOW!!!.

Only home for a few minutes, Becky found enough time while watering the plants (another reminder of summer) to scare a duck out of the hostas.

From there we biked to church.  Summer’s here when church becomes a Saturday night affair.  

After church we biked to The Pearl for our first “Ice Cream Supper” of the summer.  

After choking down some ice cream goodness we biked back home… To a house with open windows and a ceiling fan blowing fresh summery felling air through the house.

Who cares about whether or not it’s officially summer, it sure feels like it to me…  And it feels AWESOME!!!


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