Day 236 – Thankful for the Excitement of a New Team Member and the Team Member Who Hired Them

20 May

Today I’m thankful for the excitement of a new team member and the team member who hired them.

There are many things that I find to be incredibly satisfying in my career and today I got to experience a pretty big one.  This was an after hours text I got today…

While it isn’t very often that we make an offer to a new team member it is on a several times daily basis that we make job offers to our associates who are looking for a new position. How cool is that?  We get paid to help people provide for their family every day.

Earlier today we selected and made an offer to an incredibly motivated, driven, and optimistic individual who was looking for a career change.  Her enthusiasm and energy were infectious and we couldn’t help but get excited at the prospect of having her on our team.

In addition to her excitement there was also a lot of excitement on the part of the team me ever who hired her.  She’s absolutely stoked to get another great player on her team.  

It’s that awesome starting point, two people amped up, excited, and ready to take on a new challenge.  There’s no nervousness, fear or negativity, only infectious optimism!

It reminds me that every day I have a choice to make with my own attitude.  Do I choose to think like a beat up old staffing veteran who’s become cynical, jaded, and frustrated or do I choose to think like the bright eyed, optimistic and positive new teammate who’s ready to take on anything to help many people?  Bringing on new team members reminds me of the right choice…  The choice I need to make a little more often.


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