Day 234 – Thankful for an Awesome Welcome Back

17 May
Day 234 – Thankful for an Awesome Welcome Back

Today I am thankful for an awesome welcome back.

After approximately 30 hours of traveling home yesterday Becky and I were greeted with an awesome surprise on our kitchen table…

How cool is this???  A memorabilia box shaped like a book with cool travel stuff on it, a plaque welcoming us home, and some welcome home cards!  

The cards were pretty sweet & touching and they made a little awesome start leaking out of my eyes…

  • We travel two journeys on a trip…  One there… And one back home.
  • Welcome home Mom & Dad
  • Everyone knows where you go, you have fun
  • We hope you had a great trip

As awesome as these things were, the absolute best-est part of the welcome home was waking the boys up, seeing the huge smiles on their faces, hearing them say my name, and then giving me a huge hug.  The huge “I missed you” hugs were AWESOME!!!

Isn’t it crazy to realize that while we go on vacation to escape reality and experience new things one of the best parts of the trip is coming back home to reality and going back our normality?  Like I wrote in an earlier post, being away really helps you appreciate the ordinary on your life.

There are times when I feel like the boys don’t appreciate us like they should, just like I’m sure my parents felt and just like the boys will probably feel when they have kids of their own.  Whenever I have one of those times I’m going to remember that awesome welcome back, smile, shrug it off, and know that they really do love and appreciate me.
I can’t wait to go on our next trip to experience another excellent welcome back.


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