Day 233 – Thankful for Icons of Our Australia Vacation

16 May
Day 233 – Thankful for Icons of Our Australia Vacation

Today I am thankful for icons of our Australia vacation.

I’m currently several hours into the longest day of my life…  For Becky and I Monday will be 39 hours long as we get back the almost full day we lost when we flew out a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve finished up a bunch of prep work for next week’s dose of reality, and had some time to reflect on our trip.

It seems like every vacation leaves an imprint, not just in the normal sense of memory, but also in a different sense.   A couple of days ago I wrote about reminders of previous vacations.  It seems like each vacation has a couple of iconic moments that harken you back to them long afterwards.  It’s not usually anything too crazy, but a little thing or thought that transports you back to the memories of the vacation.  The question is, what will that be for this trip?  I have some guesses, but when it is all said and done, who knows which of them will really stick in that way.

Without further ado, here are the potential icons of this trip that will bring back many happy memories for the rest of our lives:

  • Gin and Tonics – Bill told us in advance that even if we don’t like Gin & Tonics, we need to have one if Diane offered us one.  She did, we drank, and I’m glad we did!
  • A “rasher” of bacon – Normal bacon is going to be a total let down for me once I’m home.  Instead of our lame little overcooked strips the Australians do it right.  A serving called a rasher is a HUGE chunk of bacon, very much undercooked, and totally delicious!
  • Being called a “rang-er,” as in an orangutan for my red hair.  As Becky was talking with her committee team members, someone asked if the “rang-er” was her husband.  I also found out that I could be called Bluey.
  •  Flat Whites with an extra shot – Mmm…  Pretty sure this version of coffee is pretty high fat, but who gives a shit when it’s this delicious!
  • Cherry Ripe – Keeping with the healthy food theme, this was by far the best candy bar I had while in Australia, and possibly my all time favorite…  Cherry, chocolate, and coconut goodness.

  • Police Patches – My step-Brad trades and collects police patches with other departments and I made a comment that I’d try to get one from Armidale for him, even if it meant I had to rip it off an officer’s sleeve.  See the pic, Brad is getting his patches. 🙂IMG_9757
  • Rugby – Holy crap!!!  How did I not ever really know anything about this sport before?  It is absolutely insane and 100% awesome (& has trading cards!)

  • Sydney Opera House – Yup, it is totally cliche and the most iconic pic from Australia, but anytime I see it I’ll think of our trip.IMG_2424.jpg
  • Food That Smiles Back – Poor Becky, this was her last supper in Australia…  It was smiling at her!

  • Sneaking Off the Beaten Path to Find Stunning Beauty – This is one of the memories I’ll hold on to the closest for years to come.  Getting tired of the swarming masses of people on Bondi Beach we found a small trail that may or may not have been intended to actually have been used.  I quickly learned that Australians only made rules to break them, so I followed their lead and we found one of the greatest views of the head lands we could’ve seen…  Any time we can sneak off the beaten path I’ll be thinking of this and hoping for a similar result.

That’s a lot of icons!  As I know, the memories will slowly fade, but some of these will be eternal sparks that fire up a string of fantastic memories of this vacation…  And for that I am thankful.




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