Day 232 – Thankful for Everyone Who Took Care of Our Boys While We’re On Vacation

15 May

Today I am thankful for everyone who took care of our boys while we’re on vacation.

A while back we made the decision to have two vacations per year, one with the kids and one without the kids.  It’s a way for us to help keep each other sane and remember to spend time together with just the two of us.  As we explain to the boys, “if you like having a mom and dad that are together, you’re going to have to get used to the two of us going on vacation alone sometimes.”  Probably a little extra, but it helps the boys understand why we head out without them.

In order for us to do this we need to have someone available to watch the boys.  We are incredibly fortunate to have some parents who are retired and some some who have a flexible schedule who are willing to help out.  While I say help out, it usually seems like they are smiling almost as much as we are at the opportunity to spend time with their grandkids.  With this being a slightly longer than two week affair I’m very thankful for all of the help that they’ve provided.

shutterstock_136805609Thank you to Grandpa Pete and Grandma Nancy for helping out on the first week.  It was a pretty crazy schedule including soccer, cub scouts, chicken-ques, coffee with neighbors, an EARLY morning trip to Wausau for soccer on Saturday (thanks Nancy for getting Dominic there before his 7:45am game!), and an EARLY morning trip to Wausau for soccer on Sunday (thanks Dad for getting him there before his 7:45am game!).  It was a non-stop action packed thrill ride I’m sure!  Thanks!!!

Thank you to Grandma Mary for tagging in early with Gavin on Saturday and then spending the second week at our house.  We know that you don’t enjoy driving in “the big city,” but I know the boys appreciated you taking them to soccer.  Mary also had a tough haul as it rained most of her week with the boys which means an incredibly wound up and energized Gavin!  Ken, you’re welcome for the scheduling working out the way that it did so you could have a quiet first week of retirement before hitting the “Honey Do List” this week! 😉  Thanks!!!

Thank you to Grandma DeeDee and Grandpa Brad for finishing up the home stretch.  Sorry to hear Gavin’s second game got rained out, but I’m sure you’ll still have a lot of Gavin time over the next couple of days!  Great idea taking the boys to the movie today, I hope you grabbed money off the counter as they typically cost about $200+ in popcorn 🙂  Thanks for taking Dominic to his soccer games in Eau Claire and for entertaining Gavin during those games!  Thanks!!!

Special thanks also go out to a handful of other people who all helped out in some way over the past couple of weeks (& these are just the ones we know of at the moment, I’m sure there’ll be many other stories when we get back).  Cassie – thanks for tagging in and being flexible in so many times to be the buffer in between grandparent travel times!  Kelsey & Adam – thanks for bringing the boys back from Eau Claire!  Matt – thanks for going to Dominic’s soccer game, he thought that was awesome!  Amy – thanks for mowing our lawn while we were out!  Fred – thanks for keeping an eye on my dad while he was in town!

Vacations like this are incredibly important to Becky and I and we appreciate all that each of you did to help out over the past couple of weeks to help us out!!!


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