Day 230 – Thankful for Real Life

13 May

Today I’m thankful for real life.

Ahh… Vacation.  One of the reasons for my being.  Experiencing new things, learning about different thing, hearing new stories, adapting new concepts to previous experiences, and enjoying the escape from real life.  Ahh…  Bliss.  The past 11 days have been amazing and have either met or exceeded my expectations in pretty much every way.

Then this morning, the damnest thing happened.  I missed home.  I missed the chaos of life in our house.  I missed the interaction with our boys.  I missed my work family.  I missed being in the middle of my normal work day.  I missed the routine of my morning run.  I missed my morning smoothie.  I missed our normal suppers around the kitchen table.  I missed having family game night.  I missed working in my workshop.  I missed shooting the shit with my little brother.

Most importantly, I missed snuggling with Becky on the couch, just chillaxing after a long day of chaos thinking of all the vacations we can take to escape the chaos.

That’s when it hit me.  One of the things I appreciate the most about vacation is the way it reminds me of how much I appreciate real life.  It’s a brief oasis to step out of the raging river to look at some wildlife on the bank and realize how much you like being in that river.  

Vacation is that time to take a step back and reflect and be thankful.  It reminds me that while the chaos can drive me absolutely bonkers at times that it is all of my own choosing.  If there is a piece or two of the chaos that I don’t miss, it is up to me to eliminate it when I’m back.  If there’s a piece or two that I really miss, maybe I should focus on it more.  

It is because I’ve been out of the chaos on vacation that I can happily say that I am cognizant of just how much I enjoy and appreciate my real life, even if it does drive me crazy from time to time.  As much as I imagine how perfect my existence would be if I were always on vacation, I know that my real life is who I am and what I truly enjoy.


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