Day 229 – Thankful for Visiting the Most Awesome Zoo Ever!

12 May

Today I am thankful for visiting the most awesome zoo ever.

At the recommendation of our hosts we took a 5 hour trek into Australia to tour a fantastic zoo in Dubbo – the Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

This place is AWESOME!!!  It was so amazing that we are going back tomorrow morning.

So what’s so awesome about it?  Let’s start with the HUGE enclosures for the animals.  Instead of tiny little pens the animals all have huge areas to roam and many have several different types of animals in each.  The fences are set up in a very unique way so that while you are standing back it looks like there is no fence at all (which was also kind of spooky).  There were wild birds everywhere and only a handful of other people.  

But the best part…

We got to walk around in the wallaby area and you could pet them!  Another cool part about this was that they could easily move away if they were scared and go into one of several areas that people were not allowed into.  It was so incredible to get this close and interact with them!

This was, by far, one of the most awesome zoo experienced ever.  I’m glad we made the trip out for it.


PS  I can’t help myself, here’s one of the other funny moments from the zoo.  If you look closely the female is very unimpressed and is continuing to eat while the male was hard at work 🙂

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