Day 228 – Thankful for Climbing On Big Rocks

11 May

Today I’m thankful for climbing on big rocks.

Yes, I was totally acting like a kid again today while I was hiking by myself in Cathedral Rock National Park today.  Don’t worry Mom, I let other people know where I was going and when AND left a note on the windshield saying what trail I was taking and what time I started. 🙂

I specifically chose this park as it has some awesome rock structures to hike to and climb. As I went out on the trail there were some pretty cool early indicators of what lie ahead.

The trail itself was pretty gnarly once it got to the base of the rocks. At one point the small trail marker had been written on “go over or go under, your choice.” 

In amongst the rocks there were some awesom little plants that had somehow found a way to survive.

In some places the trail seemingly disappeared into the rocks…  In some cases I climbed over, in some I shimmied I between two boulders.  Some required small leaps, and others involved using all four limbs.  At one point I caught myself with my arms stretched out and my hands on one boulder and my legs stretched out and my feet on another boulder, and there I was looking down into a 20′ crevasse!  Nothing like that to get a little adrenaline pumping. 🙂

At the end there was a chain to help me get to the top.  

At the top I was rewarded with crazy shaped boulders (this one was easily 6′ tall)…

And with some pretty awesome views!

Once I got up to the top I chilled out for a while in the high winds and ate my new favorite candy bar, a Cherry Ripe.

Between all the scrambling, climbing, crawling, and jumping I had a blast and felt like a kid!


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