Day 225 – Thankful for Australian Hospitality

08 May

Today I am thankful for Australian hospitality.

Over the past almost week we’ve been very impressed by the level of customer service and friendliness of most everyone in Australia.  They’re usually quick to smile, happy to help out, and just seem to be very good people.  Everything that I’ve heard about the Australians being happy and laid back seems to be pretty much true and it’s been having a positive impact on our trip.

During much of our time in Australia we are being hosted and guided by Diane and Martin. They picked out our rental for the past weekend and set up our dinner reservations.  They took us on a tour of the coast yesterday.  Before we departed this morning they gave us a detailed list of the best places to go and things to see as we drove to our next destination…  Which is their house.

They’ve very generously opened their house to us for almost the entire week and are doing everything they can to help us feel totally at home.  Diane cooked and incredible meal for us tonight, Martin helped Becky and I see just how awesome a great gin and tonic can be, and were absolutely incredibly hosts.  We had excellent conversation, played with their dogs, and had a fun evening.  They’ve been amongst the best hosts I’ve ever had and I  greatly their hospitality and generosity.  They’re role models for me to remember when we have guests and I’m looking forward to spending the better part of this week with them.


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