Day 222 – Thankful for a Busy Day of Exploring Sydney

05 May

Today I am thankful for a busy day of exploring Sydney.

From start to finish today was an epic one.  It’s no wonder that I’m now laying in bed totally exhausted as I re-cap the day in my brain.Becky & I woke up early for a run and took a ferry across the bay to run in the Botanical Gardens.  Due to a little snafu with our transit card we were not able to get back across by boat so we decided to change our plans and run across the Sydney bridge instead.  It had some amazing views of the city.  After crossing we went thru several neighborhoods and were able to see some excellent architecture.

After a pretty good brekkie we headed off to Chinatown so Becky could get her bank account set up.  We had to take the tram to get there and it was a fun ride.  Chinatown was AMAZING!!!  So much diversity from people to restaurants to stores (seriously, fish market, farmers market, flea market, mall, and “sexy lingerie” store all in one ginormous building!).  
Off to the aquarium next where we saw some incredible Australian sea life including sharks & dugongs (but no platypus 😥).

We then took the transit ferry all they way to the end of the harbor and saw more incredible buildings, boats, sunset, and a glimpse of the Olympic Park.The night then found us in a small neighborhood restaurant being served by waitresses from France, Thailand, & Estonia – quite the mixing pot!

We capped it off with my first gin and tonic and are now calling it a night.  While it was non-stop it was relaxing, interesting and insightful.  If this is any indication of the rest of our trip it is sure to be an awesome one!


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