Day 221 – Thankful for the Sydney Opera House

04 May

Today I am thankful for the Sydney Opera House.

Much of today was spent near one of the most iconic images of Australia, the Sydney Opera House.  After a morning of walking through North Sydney (felt a lot like a cross between Banff & London, Ontario) we walked around the edge of the harbor and took a ferry across the harbor to Sydney.IMG_9263

Seeing the Sydney Opera House in person was absolutely wild!  Between panoramic views all the way up to touching the tiles, it more than lived up to how cool I thought it would be.DSCN4327IMG_9286

We spent some time walking around the botanical gardens, ate lunch at the Opera House, and then went on a tour.  While Becky was pretty pumped about the tour I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and had some pretty low expectations.  The tour was AWESOME!  Lots of interesting facts about how it was built, but just standing in some of the performance areas was breath taking.

There were also a couple of reminders of the boys while we were there also.  At one point we saw a blimp and thought of Gavin (& snapped this pic)…  IMG_9285.jpg

While on the tour the guide took a moment to show us the resident New Zealand Fur Seal that occasionally suns himself on the steps leading into the water and we thought of how much Dominic would’ve liked to have seen it…IMG_9289.jpg

As we now prep to head out for supper, I can’t help but be thankful for the excellent times we had at the Sydney Opera House today.


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