Day 220 – Thankful for 17 Hours Going by Quickly

03 May

Today I’m thankful for 17 hours going by quickly.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the 17 hours flight, but I’d say that it has gone way better than expected!

We’ve got a ton of leg room, the food’s been good, and we’ve stayed fairly well entertained.  Special thanks to Matt Damon for having to be saved yet again, The Martian held our attention for 2+ hours.

Sleeping has been sketchy but I’m almost right on schedule with when I wanted to sleep in order to not be totally backwards when we land.  Trying to sleep semi vertical while bouncing thru turbulence was a little tough but it wasn’t too bad.

On a pretty cool sidenote, I was awake when we flew over Fiji!  It was too dark to have been able to see anything but it was pretty awesome to be that close to another place on my bucket list.

All in all the flight’s been pretty decent and it’s pretty cool how quickly 17 hours can go by!

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