Day 219 – Thankful for Every Beginning and the End It Starts With

02 May

Today I am thankful that every beginning andthe end it starts with.

Quick heads up my dear readers, I have no idea where this one is going to end up exactly. Usually I begin with the end in mind and with that being the main theme of today I’m actually not sure of where this will end simply because it is a new beginning. There are some thoughts, ideas, and infinite possibilities, so let’s worry about the beginning now and let the end come when it may.
As I write this I am up in the air somewhere south of Minneapolis en route to Dallas. Next stop Dallas, and then off to Sydney for a couple weeks of exploring a new continent new while Becky starts her new beginning as a doctorate student. Drinking a Coke mixed with a shot of Fireball and listening to The Wrestler by Bruce Springsteen I’m in full on deep thought and reflection mode. As I put it last night, it feels like this flight marks the end of a chapter. In the book of my life this is a point with a blank bottom half of the page and on the next page a couple of numbers with a bolded chapter title. Time to start the next chapter.

The past 9+ months have been pretty wild.  It started off with a epic family vacation out west and it’s only fitting that the next chapter starts on another epic vacation.  
Changes that I made in my offices and then ensuing decisions I made caused me to spend a lot of time on the road. It led to much extra time focused on work and much extra stress. Don’t feel bad for me, that’s totally not the point. This was a result of my own doing and the great thing is that it is now back on track. There’s still much to be done, but it’s back on the right track and we’re now stronger than ever with a fantastic team to keep building on. The past months have taught me a lot about myself, leadership, my responsibility as a business owner and a partner, and what it means to actually be a successful coach. I’m totally not there yet, not even close, but it’s starting to look much more clear and I can do it. There’s been so much I’ve learned, both good and bad, happily surprising and disappointing. One of the biggest lessons is the ability of people to do great things of you get out of their way and be there to point them in the right direction and support them when they need it. Before this trip I hired a Manager for our Eau Claire office who brings a lot of excellent experience and a great values set. When I get back there will be some training required, but for the most part I will be able to put my strengths and focuses back where they’re needed.

Family life has also been pretty crazy.  

Somehow the boys got old without me realizing it. Dominic will be starting middle school and will have a new beginning of his own. He’s also started biking to friends’ houses alone and occasionally staying home alone. While grocery shopping with Becky and Gavin it was crazy to get a phone call and see our house phone on the caller ID. The kid is becoming more and more independent and it is a big change for me. It’s the end of one stage and on to the next, before we know it he’ll be a teenager. Gavin just had first communion, a beginning of its own. He’s Gavin as usual, his normal crazy high energy self that you can’t help but love. While we’ve been busy doing stuff with and for the boys before, it seems like it is hitting a new level. Practices, tournaments, meetings, games, plays, concerts, and everything in between keep us running more than ever and will probably continue until the boys are old enough to drive.

Becky’s new life as a student is a crazy beginning. It’s the beginning of one of her dreams, a bucket list goal. This also means the beginning of a change at home. The boys and I need to be more flexible and willing to help out around the house than we have been in the past – and especially without being asked. This is an awesome new beginning for Becky and a great beginning of more responsibility for the boys and I at home.

This new adventure to a new place is the start of a new chapter for me. What does it hold? Who knows? What I do know is that like every previous chapter it will probably start off with some crazy dreams or goals (running, climbing, writing?), have some crazy and unexpected twists and turns (some good, some bad, and some that we won’t know until many chapters later), and will be defined however I want to define it. If I choose to see it as a happy chapter it will be. If I choose to see it as a bad or sad chapter it will be. My attitude will decide its fate.  

That being said, this past chapter has been pretty freaking awesome. Yes, stressful as all get out at times, but filled with joy, happiness, and many excellent things. While I’m excited to start a new chapter it is sad to see this one end. To every end, a new beginning. To every new beginning, an end. I am thankful for both.


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