Day 218 – Thankful For Gavin’s First Communion 

02 May

Today I’m thankful for Gavin’s first communion.

Everything went of well and without any issues.  He did well sitting alone in a pew, and only started squirming and really staring at his watch at the very end of mass.

There are many reasons I’m thankful for Gavin’s first communion today, some expected, and some that I didn’t see coming.  I’ll try to keep them in chronological order in order to help me remember them all 🙂

I’m thankful for practicing the event and getting a full run through earlier in the week.  Gavin had soccer games during the practice so I had to take notes and remember details…  Definitely not my stronger points!  But in the end I remembered everything that he needed to know.

I’m thankful that Gavin was his normal high energy self, but in a way that was contained and not disrespectful to the event.  His energy makes me smile a lot but I get nervous about his ability to control it the right way at the right time and he did that.

During the homily I’m thankful to have learned about Sir Thomas Moore.  That was a great story that I do t really remember hearing, and Father Billy did a great job of using it as the seeds of a future dream for the kids.

It was awesome to see Gavin take communion for the first time.  He’s growing, learning more, and starting to develop his belief set.  This is a huge milestone for him in his growth.  

I’m thankful that both Becky and writing this blog keep me focused on the positive and staying upbeat even when things don’t go right.  Gavin’s name was accidentally left out of the worship aid and instead of ever feeling frustrated we laughed it off.

The amount of family who were able to make it was pretty awesome.  Between those in church and those who made it later Gavin was very appreciative of everyone being there to share in his day.  He had a great time with all the cousins and other family.

The food was AWESOME!!!  Yup, not gonna lie, I’m going to consider catering in Beef & Etc for every single family event.

Having family around meant lots of excellent conversation and fun times with them.  While it seems like you’re never able to spend as much time as you’d like talking with everyone it was awesome to have at least some small talk with everyone.

And all those reasons add up to why I’m thankful for Gavin’s first communion.  It was a great day filled with fun, great food, and most importantly, yet another milestone in Gavin’s path to becoming who he is called to be.


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