Day 216 – Thankful for Random Conversations with Friends that Remind Me that I’m Normal

30 Apr

Today I’m thankful for random conversations with friends that remind me that I’m normal.

Last night Gavin and I went to pick Dominic up from a friend’s house.  While the boys went through the normal 30+ minute prep to leave I sat down with Steve and shot the bull.

We had a great conversation talking about everything from business ownership to the joys of getting parental advice from our parents to houses to remodeling to road construction to kids to long term dreams and goals.  Before we knew it I was getting a call from Becky asking where the heck I was and if I was coming home anytime soon.

The conversation was great. Two guys talking about stuff that’s almost always in the back of our heads that we’re never quite sure if it is just us or if we all have the same thoughts about life.

After we finally got the boys packed up and out the door I kept smiling when I’d think about the conversation Steve and I had.  It was good for both of us, a random chance to recognize that we’re a couple of normal guys.  


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