Day 210 – Thankful for Taking the Boys to the Rock Show

25 Apr

Today I’m thankful for taking the boys to the rock show. 

A client in Eau Claire told me about a rock and gem show that was going on this weekend in Eau Claire and I asked the boys if they wanted to go.  Becky was heading out to a winery with some girlfriends so we loaded up and went on a road trip.  My mom met up with us in EC and joined us for the show.

It was pretty awesome!  There were tons of crazy cool rocks including fossils, gems, And many other things.  The mixes of colors, patterns, shapes and textures were unbelievable.

While both of the boys were totally wasted from a very busy weekend they still had a great time.  Dominic was bound and determined to find something for Becky and spent a lot of time trying to find the right piece of amber or asking the vendors what they had or if a certain thing was amber.  He was very frustrated and disappointed but then found an awesome trilobite fossil for her.  Gavin was Gavin and was asking a ton of questions, moving a million miles an hour, was the loudest person in the event center and really enjoyed the stimulation of hundreds of thoisands of things to look at (most of them shiny).

For my mom it seemed like a trip down memory lane… Getting to see some things but mainly helping me run man on man defense to help keep me sane while laughing at the stuff that was coming out of the boys mouths (like Dominic saying we need to seriously talk about the amount of his weekly allowance… Currently $0).

On the trip there we talked and listened to an audiobook that Dominic was getting into (41 – read by G-Dub).  The way back involved snackage and more conversation.  Along the way we may have raided the EC Express office and pulled a small prank or two!  And what day with the boys would be complete without comment or joke about poop…  Here’s Gavin with some fossilized dinosaur poop, one of the greatest finds of the day!

The day was a ton of fun and I’m hoping it’s one the boys and my mom will remember for quite some time.  


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