Day 209 – Thankful for Watching Dominic Develop

24 Apr

Today I am thankful for watching Dominic develop.


This is the smiling face of a kid who just wrapped up three pretty solid games of soccer.  He hustled all day long and said his goal in the last game was to grit it out and push through being tired and keep the hustle going.  As he put it, “everything hurt” by the end of the game.

Over the course of the day he got to play some great defense in which he showed how he’s improved his positioning.  He also stopped to see the field and make a solid pass as opposed to hammering the ball without thought as he used to do.  Then he got to play goalie for a while and was very aggressive and had a handful of saves.  The next game showed him getting more aggressive and using his body to gain position (and to be the occasional enforcer when needed).  The last game showed how he’s gone from cautionary and thought focused to getting more aggressive on offense and scored a couple of goals.

I’m so proud of him for focusing on getting better.  He’s listening to his coach, paying attention to what his teammates are doing, and consistently working on improving his game.  It’s so much fun to watch him grow and develop right in front of us week over week!  Today I’m thankful for watching that progress.


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