Day 205 – Thankful for First Date with Becky Weather

19 Apr

Today I am thankful for First Date with Becky Weather.

When the weather is just right in the Spring (usually April) and Fall…  Typically slightly overcast with the occasional sunny moment…  Cool but not cold…  The air has a clear “crispness” to it that is enhanced by the wind…  That’s “first date with Becky” weather.

There are just some days you remember better than others.  One that’s pretty clear for me is the night of our first date.  I had already done a ton of begging and pleading, as well as got Becky enough Captain and Cokes to kill a small horse, just to get her to say yes to going on the date.  Now it was date time, time to put on the real moves.

I left work from Timely Temporaries early, jumped in my trusty steed…  a ’79 Chevy pickup that was older than Becky and had some exhaust issues.  As I headed down highway 61 to La Crosse for the first time in my life I enjoyed seeing the leaves in all their color as the wind blew through my hair (I actually had a full head of it back then!).  I had just purchased the album Puzzle by Dada and was totally jamming out and singing Dim as loud as I could with the windows rolled down (yup, rolled down, it was an old truck).

There was just something about the air that smelled and felt so good.  The temperature was just right and there was that natural crispness to it that you only get a couple of times a year when everything is just right.  The ride was beautiful and I was driving to what was sure to be the best date of my life…

And then the tire blew south of Red Wing.  And then the jack didn’t work.  And there weren’t cellphones back then so I wasn’t able to call.  Fortunately there was a really nice guy who stopped and let me use his jack.   I called Becky once I got to Red Wing and let her know that I’d be running way later than expected.  As I found out later, that meant that her friends that were going to be there when the “crazy guy” from the wedding came to pick her up would no longer be there for her protection.

When I finally rolled in (smelling like exhaust) we loaded back into the car and we’re off to Chi Chi’s for dinner.  We had a meal that neither of us finished (we were both too nervous) and then went out to enjoy the view from on top of Granddad’s Bluff.  We chillaxed and looked out at the lights in La Crosse below.  After a while we moved on to Riverside Park and talked while relaxing on the benches and watching the river.  Much of the date was spent outside enjoying the beautiful cool air.

The night ended back at her apartment where I crashed on her couch after an awesome first kiss.  I swear, no hanky panky or monkey business!  She didn’t want me to have to drive back to Minneapolis that late at night and I had earlier promised to be a gentleman.  😥

So tonight I’m thankful for “First Date with Becky” weather.  The couple of times each year when the weather is just right I’m instantly transported back to that cool October day in 1999 when I was heading out for my first date with the girl I had told my parents less than a week ago I was going to marry one day.  It was an epic road trip on a night that changed my life…  In weather I’ll never forget.



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