Day 200 – Thankful for the First 199 Posts

15 Apr

Today I am thankful for the first 199 posts.

Two hundred!!!  Already?  Seriously, it seems like just yesterday I took on this crazy quest to stay thankful for what I have ever single day since turning 39.  Today’s post is kind of a best of the best re-cap.  First I’ll cover my personal Top 10 favorites and then jump into the Top 10 by total views.  Enjoy!

Top 10 Personal Favorites (These were picked by how well they fit the purpose of this blog – to take a moment to be thankful for a thought, a moment, a passing spark of inspiration that would’ve otherwise been missed…):

10.  Day 177 – Being in the Right Place at the Right Time, Being Aware of It, and Taking a Moment to Enjoy itThis fits the blog to a T…  Pause and take in the awesomeness that is all around us, all the time.

9.  Day 96 – Becky Jamming Out in the CarIt still amazes me that with someone that I’ve known for over 16 years I can remember specific smiles because they were just that awesome!

8.  Day 90 – Random Tickling & Wrestling on the Bed Me being me, and being loved and appreciated for being me.

7.  Day 36 – The Dining Room TableHow many great memories have already been made here and will continue to be made for years to come?

6.  Day 165 – Random Reminders of Friends and Family Who’ve Passed AwayNone of us like to lose those we love, but it’s always a happy moment when we’re randomly reminded of them.

5.  Day 112 – A Lesson From My Dad Sometimes we need to remember little tricks and triggers to stay thankful, this is one of mine.

4.  Day 180 – The Story of Jesus Praying in GethsemaneSome people get weirded out when religion is brought up, others are thankful, and others may have found this to be the right message at the right time.

3.  Day 145 – Completing Childhood DreamsWhen I happen upon pics from this vacation I still pause for a moment in awe…  I was actually there.

2. (tie)  Day 133 – Simple, Yet Deep, Father Son Conversations -& Day 30 – My Moral Mirrors –  These are two of several written about talks with my boys.  Every passing day I am more acutely aware of all of the knowledge and values that I’d like to pass on to them to help them to be better men than I am.

1.   Day 3 – Crushed DreamsWho am I to argue the one that was also the most viewed???  Definitely one of the ones that has had the biggest impact on my life in many ways.

Top 10 by Total Views:

10. Day 14 – Role Reversals

9.  Day 54 – Home…  Hawaii

8.  Day 23 – My Mother-In-Law

7.  Day 38 – Our Adopted College Student & His Fiance’

6.  Day 164 – Horrible Candidates

5.  Day 2 – People Who Have a Passion for Helping Others

4.  Day 7 – A Day with My Best-est Buddy

3.  Day 79 – Mom

2.  Day 37 – Becky’s Discipline

1.  Day 3 – Crushed Dreams  

Thanks again for all of the encouragement that has helped me sustain this pace for the first 200 days.  200 down, 166 to go (argh…  Leap year…).


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