Day 198 – Thankful for People Who Are Thankful

12 Apr

Today I am handful for people who are thankful.

Over the past 198 days there’ve been many people who’ve shot me pretty heartfelt notes or made comments about how much they appreciate my blog.  Sometimes it’s that they are thankful for the reminder to be thankful.  Occasionally it’s for the positive news.  Once in a while people are thankful that they were reminded of stories, and other times it was because the blog was about them!

Regardless of the reason, it always puts a huge smile on my face and I am thankful for their thankfulness.  These thoughts are a great reminder to me of some of the reasons I do this daily blog.  

First, knowing that people are looking forward to this keeps me on task and help motivate me to always make time to write.

Second, I can’t help but attempt to write my best every day.  There are some days when I struggle to focus and don’t write the best blog I can for the day.  Those days happen once in a while, but knowing that others look forward to this it helps to motivate me to take a moment to make sure I am putting forth my best effort.
So thank you all again for helping to keep me motivated and doing my best on this blog!  Your words of kindness are always appreciated and are all saved and remembered!  Thank you for showing your thankfulness!  

I hope that as you read my daily note you’ll take an extra moment to be thankful for all the positive you have in your life. 🙂


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