Day 197 – Thankful for Planning a Family Vacation

12 Apr

Today I am thankful for planning a family vacation.

We’ve decided to take a vacation sometime in late October or early November with the family and are just starting to decide where to go.  This is definitely one of the most fun parts of planning a vacation.  Figuring out what cool stuff you want to see is so awesome because it is almost limitless opportunity to choose from.

While it often starts and ends with one idea, this time there are several that we are trying to decide between.  Any thoughts or opinions on which place to go are greatly appreciated.

Here’s the list of National Parks so far…

  • Grand Canyongrandcanyon1
  • Channel IslandsChannel.Islands.National.Park
  • Acadiaschoodic-0495
  • Smokey Mountainsgreat-smoky-mountains
  • EvergladesAmerican-alligators-in-Everglades-National-Park-as-seen-from-Anhinga-Trail.jpg
  • Virgin Islands virgin-islands-np-l.jpg
  • SequoiaSequoiaNationalPark001
  • Mount Raniermount-rainier-np-l
  • YosemiteiStock_000038100826_Large.jpg
  • DenaliMount_McKinley_Alaska

Who knows where we’ll actually end up in early November, it could be just about anywhere…  Anywhere with a National Park.


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