Day 194 – Thankful for the Start of Boys’ Weekend

09 Apr

Today I am thankful for the start of boy’s weekend.

Becky headed out to her friend’s for the weekend, leaving the boys and I on our own.  If that isn’t enough excitement, my old buddies Rick and James are heading to town tomorrow for a weekend of geeking out playing board games and what not with the boys and I.

So the weekend started off with some interesting events, such as:

  • Gavin deciding that the best way to push a cart in the grocery store was to go in circles in the middle of the aisles when there were customers everywhere.
  • Dominic, Gavin, a friend of their’s, and I playing the “story game” while driving back from soccer that always seemed to get pulled into the directions of Donald Trump and toilet humor.
  • After being home for about 30 seconds Dominic realized that he had forgotten his bag (including his glasses) at his soccer practice…  A short 20+ minute drive from our house.
  • After picking up the bag Gavin suddenly decided to tell us about his chest hair…  “I have a bunch of little chest hairs.  When I look at them they sparkle.  I even have some on my nibbles!”
  • There may have been some games played and popcorn eaten…  Maybe even a little late night Star Wars, The Force Awakens…IMG_9113

While they may both be driving me a little crazy, we are having a lot of fun together already.  If the weekend continues to get better this will be one of the best Boys’ Weekends ever!


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