Day 193 – Thankful for an Awesome Client Meeting

08 Apr

Today I am thankful for an awesome client meeting.

Earlier today I had one of the coolest client meetings I’ve had in quite a while.  To be honest, it really has nothing to do with sales potential or anything like that.  It was a meeting in which I was able to let my inner 12 year old and enjoy some really cool stuff!

It started off by walking into our client’s office and instantly being surrounded by her huge rock collection.  It turns out she went to school for geology and has a ton of awesome rocks in her office.  I’m not going to lie, it was pretty difficult to keep my shiny syndrome at bay and focus on the conversation.  The rocks she had were pretty gnarly looking, the coolest was a rock that looked like a cake with several layers including a layer of green crystals sandwiched in.  I did my best to get past the business conversation as quickly as I could and dive into talking about her collection.  She also started to help me out on identifying a couple of rocks I’d found (the pics below are of my rocks, I forgot to ask if I could take pictures of hers…).

After talking rocks for a little bit we got a tour of the factory floor.  In my 17+ years of staffing the tour has always been one of my favorite parts of my career.  This tour was pretty wild.  It was a type of factory I’d seen before, but this one had a lot of interesting features including several OLD machines from 1909!  It was like taking a step back in time to see how their operation worked way back in the day.  The amount of modernization and automation was nothing short of astonishing, but it was also really cool to see how some of the old machinery from just after the turn of the century (early 1900’s) was still being used in some operations.

All in all, it was an awesome conversation and tour with our client.  It was an appointment in which I was able to let my child like curiosity get the best of me, and I’m ecstatic that our client not only was okay with it, but encouraged it.


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