Day 190 – Thankful for Political Humor with the Family

05 Apr

Today I am thankful for political humor with the family.

To steal and adapt a line from Dave Grohl… “Our Presidential candidates walk into a bar…  there’s no punchline because ruining America isn’t funny.”

At least we can have fun with the Presidential candidates over dinner.  There were several funny lines, some interesting questions, and lots of groans.  Among the highlights were:

  • In a silly dorky voice “I’m Donald Trump and when I’m president I’m going to build a wall around Mexico.” – Dominic
  • “The only thing wrong with Hillary Clinton is that she lies.” – Gavin
  • “Do you know how to tell if a politician is lying?  They’re talking.” – Mike
  • “Dad will probably hate me forever, but I’d vote for Hillary Clinton.” – Dominic
  • “I wouldn’t hate you, I would just make you feel guilt.” – Mike
  • “What’s a liberal?” – Dominic
  • “Something you’ll probably be in college.  You’ll probably be a conservative when you’re old and curmudgeonly.” – Becky

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun.  Sadly, the only thing that we said that was a positive of any of the four front runners came from Becky…  “At least with Hillary we know what we’re getting…  A politician.”  That’s when Gavin came through in the clutch in the most serious of voices, “The only thing wrong with Hillary is that she lies.”  LOL!

The candidates are horrible, but they are at least providing entertainment!


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