Day 184 – Thankful for Being Able to Design a New Solution

30 Mar

Today I am thankful for being able to design a new solution.

Sorry for the sense of suspense, but I really can’t get into the problem I’m solving or the solution as it’s a work in progress.  I can, however, share the reason I am thankful for this.

Who knows where it came from, but I’ve always had fun solving problems with new solutions.  There’s something very rewarding about taking a set of challenges that are being faced and then finding a new way to make the problem go away.  I love using my mental rolodex of previous solutions and then combining ideas from research into something unique that hasn’t ever quite been done before.

This solution is along those same lines.  There’s a problem similar to several others I’ve solved, but there a handful of variables that will make this a completely different kind of challenge.  Throw in the added difficulty of selling not only the people with the problem, but also to the team members who will be implementing it, and you have a challenge that I’ll take on any day of the week.

Who knows if it will work or not.  Maybe I’ll have to change a couple of variables.  Maybe I’ll have to scrap it and go to Plan B.  What I do know is that I’ll have fun attempting to solve the problem by designing a new solution.


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