Day 183 – Thankful for a Great Day Off With My Boys (& the Lown Boys)

28 Mar

Today I’m thankful for a great day off with my boys (& the Lown boys).   Also today I am thankful to be halfway to my goal of blogging every day for a year about what I’m thankful for!!!

Mitch and I were talking (Becky would probably call it ‘conspiring’ πŸ˜‰) at the pinewood derby about the day after Easter. The boys don’t have school and we decided that we’d get together for some fun.  After many ideas, mostly legal, some maybe not age appropriate, we decided to take the boys hiking on the bluffs in Winona.

  The weather was absolutely perfect!  The sun was out, it was warm but not hot, cool but not cold.  There was much mud, sticks, and other things to get into.  As is normal with a group of boys there was a loud yell any time poop was found.  There were brothers fighting, friends laughing (especially Mitch & I), and brothers helping each other.  It was a common occurrence to look back and see one of the boys facing the woods and watering a tree.  

At one point we found a deer vey close to us.  As some of us watched it others moved ahead. As some of us watched it a few of us decided to get closer to the deer.  The deer spooked and took off running…  And almost ran right into the boys that had moved ahead.  I’m not sure who screamed louder, the boys or the deer!

Early on in the climb we found a vine hanging from a tree.  Needless to say, all of us (big boys included) took turns swinging from the vine.  There were Tarzan yells, big swings, high flying, and lots of big eyes once we hit the top of our swing and looked down at the ground well below us. 

And as one would expect with a couple of big kids in the lead (Mitch & I), we may have gotten a little turned around and head to backtrack always. 

By the time it was all done we’d hiked many miles, had a ton of fun, and then lucked out for lunch as we were driving – Rudy’s opened today!  

Today was an awesome time with the boys, one I’m sure they’ll remember for years to come.  Who knows, this may need to become an annual tradition.  Thanks again to the Lowns for joining us today, the day was even more awesome because you guys were there!


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